Saturday, 17 August 2019

First Sunrise

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Taiwan -The heart of asia | Sweet Escape Vol 7 |Taiwan 2019 |Cinematic travel

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." – Jennifer Lee. 8 days in TAIWAN NORTH TO SOUTH!
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Short Film - Alienized - full movie - UHD 4k

synopsis of the movie: It's the story of a couple where the husband is paranoid and suspects that his wife is not actually his wife but it's an alien who took her body, like a kind of shape-shifter. The hallucinations he has about seeing a scary alien creature might be caused by what he smoke, or maybe just from having a bad day, or is it true? watch the video till the end to find out :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

On Demand Healthcare To Your Home or Office

Bring non-emergency health and wellness professionals to your home or office using the Scruubs app.

Scruubs will provide on-demand, non-emergency health and wellness services by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to your home or place of business. We also offer cleaning services and non-emergency transportation.
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Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner Package

This video is about Dubai evening desert safari packages. Evening desert safari with BBQ dinner is one of the best evening tours in Dubai. It starts from 3 PM and ends around 09.30 PM. And it's including dune driving, quad biking, henna tattoos, beautiful entertainment like belly dance, youla dance, tannura dance and many more. Sandboarding and camel riding is a very different experience. The sundowner desert safari in Dubai is an amazing experience of Dubai will never forget.

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner Package

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Tuesday, 6 August 2019



Bloopers of our sour candy challenge.....


Sunday, 4 August 2019

How to Use Viddyoze

How to Use Viddyoze Review & Demo. Is it Worth It?

Viddyoze is an inexpensive way to create professional Logo Animation in just 3 clicks. Just upload your Logo file in a .PNG format (transparent), choose your animation style from hundreds of templates and BOOM! You're ready to download your custom file and breathe new lift into your Youtube or social media channel.

How to Use Viddyoze Review & Demo


Is Used Apple Macbook Computer Worth Buying

Is Used Apple Macbook Computer Worth Buying?

Welcome to my channel if your new. For those of you returning, welcome back!
Everyone knows Mac computers are expensive. Unfortunately, the high cost can make Apple computers unaffordable for so many.
Even if you think you cannot afford an Apple Computer, think again! Discount used Macbook pro, macbook air, imac, and iPad refurbished model can save you hundreds of dollars and is definitely worth considering. First time buyer Get 5% OFF and Enjoy Free shipping in USA.
Watch this video to learn " Is A Used Apple Computer Worth Buying?"

Is Used Apple Macbook Computer Worth Buying

How to grill salmon fish

How to grill salmon fish | Salmon Grilled on Natural Charcoal | With Paprika

How to grill salmon fish | Salmon Grilled on Natural Charcoal | With Paprika In this video I'm sharing with you how to Grill a Salmon on Charcoal . Please subscribe to my channel to watch all my future cooking food videos and if you have any question how to cook a certain plate please leave a comment and I Will come up with your suggested video ASAP .THANK YOU!!

How to grill salmon fish




Sup my dudes, I wanted to make an original new ost / soundtrack for the trailer of cyberpunk 2077. This is NOT a remix but all my own work and creation so please ask before using this. The new soundtrack in the second trailer was really good .. I felt like I needed to show some love for the first TEASER TRAILER haha and add what I imagine :D Please brothers share this around as I really wanted to capture something here and I feel I did. Cyberpunk 2077 and how I vision it. It is going to be made by the same people who made the Witcher 3 CD PROJECT RED. I CAN NOT WAIT.