Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Batman vs Baby Gizmo

Batman vs Baby Gizmo ! DC comics vs Disney ?! AND other kids toy and baby toys !

Batman vs Baby Gizmo!
DC comics vs Disney?!
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Try not to laugh and smile, we dare you!
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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

THE CONDOM BROKE--HeadWrecking Mantra

THE CONDOM BROKE--HeadWrecking Mantra

HeadWrecking Mantra write songs to save the world! "I'm going insane working in this soul destroying shit-hole, Any artists feel the same? lets escape and write songs to save the world" , this is part of the message I accidentally sent to all the employees and clients of the law firm where I worked. I was fired . Four brilliant musicians , myself and a fox terrier with a bad attitude escaped from Dublin to a very remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland(next stop America). The Condom Broke is our very first song. We hope you like it. I only found out that we need over 1000 subscribers before we can make any money or we'll starve ,so we really really would appreciate if you could follow us please. Thank you!!