Monday, 16 September 2019

Rich Moolah

Rich Moolah " Coldest" Feat Swift

Rich Moolah ( Coldest) Feat Swift (Official Music Video)
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Rich Moolah-Coldest

Thursday, 12 September 2019

How to spell the days of the week in English

How to spell the days of the week in English

How to spell the days of the week in English
For age 6+ learning the spelling of the days of the week.
Are you looking for a Fast and Simple way for your child to learn English?
This online English course is your child's comprehensive go-to guide to knowing how the English language really works and speaking it with clarity without entering a classroom.
With this course, your child will learn conversational English dialogues through practical lessons and fun activities that will help them develop their vocabulary and teach them how to communicate effectively,
as well as hold real conversations in English.
Bella Boo Academy Teaches Children How to Gain Confidence in English and Get an Authentic British Accent.


SOS from the Kids - (Official Music Video)

Music -what a powerful instrument, what a mighty weapon! 'SOS from the Kids' is a protest song. A call to act for the climate crisis now, written by 12 year old Simeon and his mum. Add it to your Spotify playlists

Herb Barclay Project - Oh Baby (Official Music Video)

Herb Barclay Project - Oh Baby (official musicvideo). The Herb Barclay Project produces remakes of a modern combination of pop / dance and rap in various retro-style genres. Oh Baby is the first release of the upcoming album with more songs in our style. Synthesizers, guitar riffs or the classic beats and basslines - we love the style and the sound of that time. Modernized and rearranged we want to create a fresh sound with retro feel in a new style. Whether old synthesizers, leads, guitar riffs or the classic beats and basslines from these times. We live in our songs the interplay of electronic innovation, acoustic instruments, the retro idea and the typical for that time interaction of vocals, rap and Rasta. Modernized and uniquely arranged in new songs, we want to create a new retro feel in a modern style. Have fun..


Can I become a Scrum Master?

The main purpose of the Scrum Master in a project is to ensure that the team is actively following the Scrum or Agile scrum principles.